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Thank You Tekoa Voters
Thank you Tekoa voters for your approval of the Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy and the Health, Safety, and Technology Levy. We are grateful for you support!
Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiations Meetings Open For Public Observation
As per resolution 05-2018, the collective bargaining agreement negotiation meetings will be open for public observation. The next meeting will be held February 15,, 2018 @ 6:15 in the school district board room.
PACE Character Trait of the Month--Honesty
Honesty is the character trait for the month of February
Current Job Openings
* Junior High Wrestling Coach

For application, and/or more information, please contact the district office at Tekoa (509)284-3281 or visit the school website @ (departments, employment)
The position is open until filled.
Tekoa School is an equal opportunity employer
Resources for Addressing Tragedies
In regards to the tragic event that occurred today at Freeman High School, here is a link for resources that will help you support your child.
There will be support staff available at school if your child needs additional support during the school day. Please contact your building principal or counselor to set up the additional support.
Tekoa School District Does Not Provide A Summer Meals Program
Tekoa School District does not provide a summer meals program however the following resources are available
• USDA Summer Meals Hotline at 1-866-348-6479. Families will receive assistance to find the location, meal times, and contact information for summer meals based on their full address, city, and/or zip code
• USDA Summer meals finder at This website is easy for families to use as they can access summer meals locations by entering their zip code. Both of these services will begin June 15th and information will be updated